About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of neighbors from the North City neighborhood in the city of Shoreline, Washington.

The City of Shoreline is divided into 14 neighborhoods. Through the neighborhoods program, the City supports neighborhood associations to facilitate residents working together to improve their community and neighborhood.

Neighborhood volunteers create a sense of community in their neighborhoods by organizing social events, coordinating Shoreline Watch activities, implementing Neighborhood Mini-Grant projects, planning speakers, and sharing information through newsletters, websites, and e-newsletters.


Mark Notermann
Dan Dale
Kevin Atkinson
Members at Large
  • Ken Adams
  • Victoria Adams
  • Lisa Leitzelar
  • Yoshiko Saheki
  • Amy Vujovich
  • Jeff Dairiki


Council of Neighborhoods Representative
Dan Dale
Jeff Dairiki (dairiki@dairiki.org)

Join Us!

We are always looking for new neighbors to become active in the neighborhood association. For more information email us or you can connect with us on our Facebook page, or on nextdoor.com.

North City boundary map
A map showing the boundaries of the North City neighborhood